Month: February 2022

Commercial Awnings for Bellavita Shop

Author: Victorian Awnings | Date: 28 Feb 2022

Selling authentic Italian food and beverages, Bellavita Shop offers a friendly customer facing environment, right next door to its warehouse in East London. The Victorian Awning Company were delighted to have been asked to design and install our specialty commercial awnings alongside Bellavita’s already impressive signage. Featuring our RAGS® branding […]

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Residential Canopy For Luxury Apartments

Author: Victorian Awnings | Date: 18 Feb 2022

A High-Quality Canopy for Award-Winning Apartments First impressions are vital to striking the right chord with customers and establishing a brand’s tone. The Victorian Awning Company’s latest residential canopy for Cheval Old Town Chambers, provides a welcoming and contemporary entrance for the residents of this luxury apartment building. This canopy […]

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Branded Awnings at Wahaca, Wimbledon

Author: Victorian Awnings | Date: 11 Feb 2022

Bright, Bold, Branded Awnings. For the busiest or the most subtly branded awnings, the Classic Folding-Arm is fully customisable with our unique RAGS branding process, which we can further customise using a wide range of colours for the cover fabric. Wahaca’s brand colour palette has been selected for the fabric […]

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Restaurant Awnings at Liv, Belgravia

Author: Victorian Awnings | Date: 07 Feb 2022

A Timeless Awning for Any Eatery Victorian Awnings are an integral element of London’s historic architecture. Having adorned shopfronts and restaurants for over a century, it is often important for our clients to choose this traditional awning instead of our other products and become a natural part of the city’s […]

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