Branded Awnings at Wahaca, Wimbledon

Bright, Bold, Branded Awnings.

For the busiest or the most subtly branded awnings, the Classic Folding-Arm is fully customisable with our unique RAGS branding process, which we can further customise using a wide range of colours for the cover fabric.

Classic Folding-Arm Awnings at Wahaca, Wimbledon

Wahaca’s brand colour palette has been selected for the fabric of these two eye-popping Classic Folding-Arm Awnings, in Wimbledon. All finishes also give the Classic greater resilience, as the metalwork is powder-coated, and the fabric is solution dyed and protected to maintain resistance throughout the life span of the awning and withstand the most demanding weather conditions.

Classic Folding-Arm Awnings at Wahaca, Wimbledon

Your own special design can be incorporated onto the cover and prepared in our bespoke design studio. This is a more budget priced retractable awning, but with superior build and functionality

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