Materials & Sustainability

Responsible Manufacture

Sustainability plays a significant part in our company ethos. By using traditional methods in our manufacturing process it significantly reduces the level of waste. In terms of materials, we source locally wherever possible and use sustainable materials. All our timber is from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests, we use recyclable steel that is fully CE and ISO certified. Our oils and paints meet BS accreditation. None of our raw materials are imported by air freight. We powder-coat our metal in-house, where we can be sure of the quality of the process, reduce waste and oversee ecological and responsible disposal. We will always source British materials first. We also try to employ locally, with regard to our skilled craftsmen and our design team.


The Finest Cloth

We only use the finest cloth to produce each awning. We solution-dye every thread before it is woven to allow the colours to lock into each fibre of the weave. We then apply a variety of special treatments that help deal with the worst of British weather. This secret process ensures that your awning is water-proof, rot-proof, shrink-proof and stain resistant with an additional anti-mildew treatment, they are also flame-retardant and extremely durable. Each step of the manufacturing process is done sympathetically and it is important to us that we maintain the warmth, character and heritage of the original cotton covers. In terms of colours, we offer a wide range of plain colour and striped options, as well as being able to match special colours. Fabric samples can be requested.


We Forge all our Metalwork

All our metal componentry is manufactured in our workshop. We us high grade steel to forge our arms, which provides greater strength. All our brackets and fixings are designed and manufactured ‘in-house’ – nothing is externally sourced. We use stainless steel awning chain and our barrels are galvanised steel with high quality internal steel springs concealed inside. Each awning is custom-made for an individual application, contouring the shape of the building. All our metalwork is powder-coated to provide a further robust finish. Powder-coating is superior to ‘wet paint’ for many reasons; it provides greater colour retention, resistance to corrosion, weathering, scratching & fading, it maintains its finish for 15-20 years and because it doesn’t use solvents/VOC’s it is non-hazardous. We provide a wide range of metallic colour finishes and can match to any specified RAL colour.


Hand-crafted from FSC Certified Hardwood

Every box that encases the cover and roller is made from solid timber not aluminium or steel replicas, which are common but inferior alternatives. We only use treated hardwood timber which resists warping and deteriorating. The box is given numerous coats of paint applied by hand to customers colour specifications. The timber box housing is an essential to both the durability and functionality of the awning. Each classic box is hand-crafted in FSC Meranti hardwood and incorporates a unique pitch design to prevent water ingress. We believe our awning boxes to be unrivalled for quality and reliability. We offer a choice of timber options including; English, Jacobean and light oak, English and aged mahogany and Pacific cedar. They can all be varnished to allow the natural grain to show. Alternatively, boxes can be hand-painted or stain-finished to complement an application or aesthetic.

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