Restaurant Awnings at Liv, Belgravia

A Timeless Awning for Any Eatery

Victorian Awnings are an integral element of London’s historic architecture. Having adorned shopfronts and restaurants for over a century, it is often important for our clients to choose this traditional awning instead of our other products and become a natural part of the city’s architectural style.

Liv Restaurant asked us for these three Victorian Awnings after seeing the same style of awning from a neighbouring business. The clean white fabric, contrasted with Liv’s navy branding, creates an impressive sense of scale for the awnings and a notable street presence.

Restaurant Awnings for Liv

The Victorian Awning is manufactured in our own London factory by expert craftsmen; in the same manner it was in Victorian times over 120 years ago. The timeless design means that it fits well in both classic and contemporary settings.

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