Heritage & Craftsmanship

A Matter of Detail

The Victorian Awning Company champion the true qualities of these beautiful traditional awnings, dedicating ourselves to their manufacture both in architectural accuracy and authentic detailing. Our heritage range of awnings are hand-crafted using the same skilled techniques that were originally used in Victorian times. We are proud of our reputation for detail – every awning is an entirely bespoke production made to the highest standard to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our traditional awning range is often the recommended choice for historic and listed buildings, but they are equally resplendent in more contemporary settings.

Bespoke Manufacture

Hand-built by Craftsmanship

The Victorian Awning Company are dedicated, passionate and skilled at creating the finest heritage awnings. Craftsmanship is an often over-used word, but when it comes to the manufacture of a traditional awning, it is an appropriate terminology. Our dedicated and skilled team hand-craft every the box housings, all metalwork components like arms, brackets and fixings are forged in-house to exact specification and every cloth is hand-stitched on each individual canvas panel. We are hugely proud of their role in producing such a quality bespoke product with unparalleled detail.


Experts in Collaboration

The Victorian Awning company have an in-house design team who have a wealth of experience and expertise in collaborating with architects, design studios and clients directly to create a design solution. We use the latest visual technology to create extremely accurate visual mock-ups, digitally imposing awnings onto property images. This is an essential service when selecting an awning style, fabric colour or branding designs helping to prevent costly mistake further down the line.


A World of Possibility

Every awning we have ever produced is unique, from the technical specifications to the wide range of customisable elements. The design process starts with choice of colour for the fabric, metalwork and wood finishes, not to mention the type of wood. Customers then have the additional options for accessories like a valance or finial. Even the operation has several options, from manual crank and manual sprung to remote control. The last element is the choice of branding, among the options are; digital pattern printing, text, logos or even applying 24 carat gold-leaf.

Renovation & Repair

Expertly Restored

The Victorian Awning Company offer an extensive renovating service for our awnings that are in need of repair. If you own an awning that has seen better days and is in urgent need of care, it is usually possible to renovate it rather than replace the awning. Shop awnings are extremely durable considering the conditions they have to face and as a result, some requests for repair will involve awnings that still have the original fittings. In this case, it is usually possible to reinstall the refurbished shop awning.

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