Bar Awnings & Pub Awnings

Bar Awnings and Pub Awnings with Character and Distinction

The Original Victorian Awning is the classic Pub Awning. As all good things, it has become an undisputable design classic. This traditional old style pub awning is also a perfect solution placed in a modern situations, such as a Bar Awning or Brasserie Awning.

We also offer two other traditional style pub awnings for customers. The Greenwich Awning is based on an early 20th century popular style continental awning. Its simple and understated elegance will enhance any period or modern frontage. We also have The Marlesbury Awning, which is another minimalist-inspired heritage awning.

Stylish Bar Awnings and Pub Awnings

We believe our range of classic traditional awnings work beautifully in a residential setting, whether that’s a modern town house or period property. Their classic lines help create an elegant but substantial patio area that will provide year round protection from both the sun and rain. Our awnings can be operated in several ways including our remote control mechanism, where you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful shading at the touch of a button. Our range of heritage awnings are also the preferred choice in conservation areas or for listed or historic buildings. They are often referenced by planning departments as the approved awning. 

Examples of our Pub and Bar Awnings: