The RIB® Tensile Canopy

Outstanding Craftsmanship

The RIB® Tensile Canopy – For all Shapes and Sizes

Introducing to our range the RIB® Tensile Canopy. The RIB® Tensile Canopy is precision manufactured to create a single framework that is strong, lightweight and versatile. The RIB® system allows us to create a single framework solution that can be contoured to fit all shapes and sizes. The innovative technology of our RIB® system is unique and gives us far greater design freedom, providing our clients with the ultimate bespoke canopy solution.

RIB® Tensile Canopy Projects


The RIB® Tensile Canopy

1: cloth cover    2: frame    3: valance    4: sub-frame

Maximum width: 6m   Maximum projection: 1.5m (variable subject to fixing conditions)

Frame and Centre Leg

Valance, Types & Branding


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