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The Original Commercial Awning by The Victorian Awning Company 

The Victorian Awning was the first commercial awning. The growth of the shop awning can be traced to the mid-19th century just after the Great Exhibition of 1851. The new Victorian shop front was completely different in style to previous shops. It utilised new glass-blowing techniques and with the birth of industrialization and manufacturing it allowed a much larger display area to be fitted. Because of this, the first commercial awnings soon began to appear, primarily acting as a sun blinds. The simple but ingenious design has stood the test of time and apart from the materials and finishes, today's Victorian awning is remarkably similar and its timeless style make it the preferred option for shop awnings, restaurant awnings, pub awnings or any other type of commercial awning.

Shop & Retail Awnings

The Original Victorian Awning Company specialise in hand-crafting the best quality traditional shop awnings for businesses of all sizes. Every shop awning is made to a client's specific requirements. There is a wide selection of cloths, timbers and metalwork finishes. Our in-house design team can help produce the perfect design for your shop awning. Why is the Victorian shop awning the perfect retail awning? Simple, its design is classic, its popularity timeless and its versatility amazes because it works superbly in both contemporary or traditional settings.

Cafe & Restaurant Awnings

The Original Victorian Awning is particularly popular with restaurants and cafes and provide the perfect restaurant entrance. The effortless style conveys quality. It also provides great coverage for outside dining. Many of London's finest restaurants can be seen with our Victorian Awnings, including Café Colbert and The Delaunay. But this beautiful restaurant awning is popular with many smaller local restranteurs because its look, durability and practility translate into excellent value.

Pub & Bar Awnings

Old style pub awnings don't come more traditional than The Original Victorian Awning. For many years, we have been making this traditional awning for pubs across London and further afield. The Victorian Awning is the eptiomy of character, history and Britishness and immediately creates an inviting feel to any pub or bar frontage. Today's Victorian Awning has changed little since the mid 19th century, but the materials and finishes we use make for a far more robust bar awning.

The Finest Quality Cloth & Timber

We are passionate about providing the best Victorian commercial awning but always look at ways to improve its durability, styling and finishes. In order to deliver the best commercial awning available, our suppliers are carefully sourced and some of the treatments are exclusively developed for The Original Victorian Awning Company.

Hand-crafted by Craftsmen

The Original Victorian Awning Company is a traditional family business established many decades ago in Docklands near the banks of The Thames. All our awnings are made totally bespoke by hand. Each member of our team is a craftsman who has a passion in producing the finest commercial awning available.

Design Expertise

Our in-house design team are a talented collection who have collaborated with some of London's leading design agencies and architects to create perfect frontages. We are also happy to work with an independent retailer, pub, bar or restaurant and help create the perfect design.

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Victorian Awning: The quintessential British Awning, gracing shopfronts and homes since the 1800s. The Victorian Awning is the only awning that has evolved for the British climate, architecture and character.

The Victorian Awning Company: The only company to appreciate the true qualities of these beautiful awnings, dedicating ourselves to their manufacture both in architectural accuracy and authentic detailing. The culmination of generations of british artisan awning makers. 

~ The Original Victorian Awning Company ~

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