Traditional Victorian awnings, Colbert

A notorious Roué was once asked if he played outdoor games and his response was “I once played dominoes under an awning outside a café in Paris”. 

Today his answer could have just as well placed him on Sloane Square in London. The Colbert French café has all the atmosphere of Paris, and our Victorian Awnings add a traditional British ambience in keeping with this London location.

Here at the Victorian Awning Company we combine traditional elements with modern construction methods to produce awnings which evoke elegance without substituting practicality.

Designed and manufactured by us right here in London these elegant awnings hark back to the 19th Century. 

We still  manufacture our Victorian awnings from seasoned hardwood, sourced from FSC registered merchants, and apply a pristine coating with water based paint or stains to give a durable and long lasting finish. Steel work for the arms and brackets is formed at our East London factory and powder coated to a high gloss finish in our state of the art oven. Finally, the Colbert awnings have been decorated with branding through the means of our bespoke RAGS® digital graphics process.

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