Traditional Awnings for Offices in Westminster

Sometimes our clients request traditional awnings for purely aesthetic purposes, designed to be the perfect finishing touch to a façade or create a striking street presence, that can be enhanced by a company’s own branding.

The Victorian Awning Company were approached by a marketing and sales firm, to install three of our specialty traditional awnings, to their inner-city offices, which have the added benefit of complementing the classic architectural style of this Victorian building.

Victorian Awnings for Offices in Westminster

The client’s elegant branding has been applied to the fabric covers using our exclusive RAGS® system, conveying a sense of refinement and respect for their own heritage, which mirrors the attributes of this style of awning.

Victorian Awnings for Offices in Westminster

In addition, our expert in-house design team had to utilise templates taken from meticulous surveying, to assess how we could install the awnings to clear the bull-head keystones above the building’s arches, and not come into contact with the nearby tree when opened. 

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