A Traditional awning with a modern slant

The Victorian Awning Company specialises in supplying and installing awnings which celebrate the history and heritage of shop awnings in the UK. The specialist feature product of the Company is our faithfully reproduced Victorian awning with its original timber construction. However, we also now provide awnings which have the appearance of the classic heritage model but which incorporate a modern construction method using up to date  materials to which current control systems may be added.

The Greenwich® retractable commercial awning is particularly popular with both small and large businesses alike and are enjoyed by hotel and restaurant clients who value the awning for its semi retro styling and the fact that it is available with alternative operating systems from simple crank winders to fully automated electric controls which can be adjusted to retract to inclement weather conditions.

Greenwich traditional awning

The Greenwich  awning seen here at the Halex restaurant incorporates an upholstered front profile and steel arms which have been decorated with a glossy weather resistant finish in our London factory’s own powder coating plant.

Founded in the  in Spring of 2016; Halex is a simple yet elegant space where good food and drink shared by like-minded people. Incorporating a tapas & cocktails bar, Halex is a convial place to meet friends and enjoy home cooked fine food.