Carl Hansen & Søn

Craftsmanship recognises craftsmanship when Danish furniture designer, Carl Hansen & Søn, asked The Victorian Awning Company to design two of our Marlesbury® awnings for their flagship store in London. These Marlesbury® awnings are unique in their complete lack of a visible front rail, as the awning covers are sleeved in such a way that provides a seamless expanse of blue fabric when open, and a clean, flush finish when retracted into the recessed façade.

The gold branding seen on both valances has been achieved via the use of our RAGS® branding system, to expertly match the colour of the building’s signage and window detail.

The Marlesbury® awning is an elegant commercial awning which is based on traditional lines and has powder-coated aluminium profiles to accentuate its classic lines.

Marlesbury® awnings for Carl Hansen & Søn flagship store in London