Traditional awnings for all applications

The Victorian Awning Company specialises in supplying and installing awnings which celebrate the history and heritage of shop awnings in the UK. The specialist feature product of the Company is our faithfully reproduced Victorian awning with its original timber construction and sprung roller operating via manually raised arms. However, we also now provide awnings which have the appearance of the classic heritage model, such as the Greenwich® commercial awning shown here, which incorporate a modern construction method using up to date  materials to which current control systems may be added.

Victorian awning - Cloth House
Victorian awning

Examples here show both the models described above; each depicting the ambience of tradition but with contrasting methods of manufacture and control which means that they can be adapted to suit virtually any building facia no matter the complexity.

Greenwich awning Pekoe
Greenwich awning

Fixings can be top fixed, side fixed or face fix and, where the recess is available, can also be built into shop fitted facias but, in this case it is important our designers are consulted prior to the construction of the shopfront.

In either case, the awnings may be branded through the means of our bespoke RAGS® digitally controlled graphics application process in a limitless range of colours and bespoke designs.

Greenwich awning Cycle Spirit
Greenwich awning

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