The Finest Victorian Awnings - Hand-made to your Specification

Our Victorian Awnings are the finest awnings. Each awning is manufactured by one of our skilled team of craftsmen. All our awnings are totally bespoke and come with many options in terms of cloth, wood and metal finishes. They can also be remote control and can come with or without a valance.

Find out more why our Victorian Awnings are the original and best quality:


  • Cloth

  • We use the finest cloth. It is specially treated acrylic canvas that is Teflon coated to deal with the worst of the British weather. This secret process ensures that your awning is water-proof, rot-proof, shrink-proof and stain resistant with an additional anti-mildew treatment. It is also flame-retardant and extremely durable.

    We also have a huge range of colours, as well as being able to match special colours.

  • Woodwork

  • We always make the box that encases the cover and roller from solid timber not aluminium or steel replicas, which are common but inferior alternatives. We only use treated hardwood timber which resists warping and deteriorating. The box is given numerous coats of paint applied by hand to customers colour specifications.

    There is a choice of timber options including English, Jacobean and light oak, English and aged mahogany and Pacific cedar which can all be varnished to allow the natural grain to show.

  • Metalwork

  • All metal components are of the highest quality. We use stainless steel awning chain and our barrels are galvanised steel with high quality internal steel springs concealed inside. Arms are manufactured from high grade steel for extra strength. They are custom made for each individual application, tailored to follow the shape of the building upon which the awning will be installed.

    There are over twenty metallic colour finishes for your metalwork.

  • Arm Style

  • Depending on the projection of your awning, we use two different arms options. For shorter projections we use a fixed arm and for longer projections where greater clearance is needed, we use a sliding arm.

  • Operation

  • The awning is operated by a detachable timber retracting pole which is attached to the front. By gently pulling forward, the awning falls into place. To close the awning, use the pole to gently lift the awning, the internal spring will begin to work, aiding the awning to retract.

    The awning can also be open and close by a remote control option.

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