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The Original Victorian Awning is a Design Masterpiece

Our Victorian awnings are hand-crafted using the same meticulous techniques originally employed in Victorian times.

The box that encases the cover and roller is made from solid timber unlike some new manufacturers who use aluminium or steel replicas. We only use treated hardwood timber which resists warping and deteriorating. Each box is given numerous coats of paint applied by hand to customers colour specifications. Alternatively, the timber can also be varnished to allow the natural grain to show.

Every component is of the highest quality from the stainless steel awning chain to the barrels, which use galvanised steel with high quality internal steel springs concealed inside. Arms are custom-made from high grade steel for extra strength and tailored to follow the shape of the building where the awning will be installed. We also use the finest most durable cloths for the canopy.

The awning is operated by a detachable timber retracting pole which is attached to the front. By gently pulling forward, the awning falls into place. To close the awning, use the pole to gently lift the awning, the internal spring will begin to work, aiding the awning to retract.