BiBi Restaurants

The Greenwich® awning is a great choice for any of our clients seeking the appearance of a traditional design, with a modern construction. These characteristics were perfectly suited to BiBi’s historic location in Mayfair and contemporary approach to Indian cuisine, which led to us installing not only two of our Greenwich® awnings, but two of our Marlesbury® awnings as well.

Both our Marlesbury® and Greenwich® awnings feature an extensive range of customisable features. The choice of a timber box for these Greenwich® awnings creates a sophisticated and traditional encasement for the awnings when retracted, whereas the bespoke brackets used for the Marlesbury® awnings provide a much more minimalistic finish to the building’s façade.

While all four of these awnings feature a manual operation, almost all our products can be customised with electrical options that can open and close the awnings remotely, or even close automatically during adverse weather conditions to prolong the longevity of the awning.

Greenwich® awnings feature at BiBi’s historic location in Mayfair
Marlesbury® awning also features at BiBi’s historic location in Mayfair